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She’s like 2 years old…
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On North American realms? *dumb question*


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Made my goblin on Wyrmrest Accord, but I don’t know anyone that plays Horde so I have no one to heroic scenario and such with. D:





That was really fast

I cannot divine why there are 200 people following me, but maybe this will help you do some divining of your own: To thank you all, I am giving away an Imp In A Ball Loot Code from the WoW TCG!

What’s an Imp in a Ball, you may ask? It’s an Imp. In a ball. Shake the ball and it will tell your fortune, much like a Magic 8 Ball only far more snarky and slightly less useful. WHO CARES, IT’S FREE

This item is also one of many that can be squirreled away in the brand spanking new Toy Box we all get in Warlords of Draenor, counting towards the toy-collecting achievements.

Also it’s fun. I mean, it’s an imp. Smushed in a ball and helpless to do anything other than answer your mundane queries about life, the universe, and Azeroth.


Because this is a slightly more valuable item than your usual run of the mill pet, I’m going to keep taking entries until Friday, August 29. I’ll pick a winner at random, and email them the code - make sure you have your asks open! Because this is a TCG Loot code, region doesn’t matter - both US and EU accounts are able to use said prize.

So what are you waiting for, a sign from above? Enter and win!

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I will be picking a winner at 12:01am Friday because I’m going to be awake anyway so why the fuck not


is there ever a time when you’re in a fluffy RP and you just have this sudden urge to pull out ANGST LIKE OUT OF NOWHERE IT HAPPENS AND IT’S DEVASTATING AND IT’S HEART-WRENCHING AND IT MAKES YOUR RP PARTNER CRY AND THEN YOU BECOME SATAN????? 

*coughcough heniimagic coughcough*

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Hmm, do I want to make my new goblin on Moon Guard or Wyrmrest Accord?

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darbiebot asked:

22. If you had to tell a bedtime story would you prefer to make your own or read one from a book?

Ivi would prefer to make her own. She has 25,000+ years worth of her own stories to tell. Of course she would leave out some of the unsavory parts for the kids.

Completely Random Ask Stuff

  • 1. Ideal fingernail polish.
  • 2. Favorite food that does not contain bread.
  • 3. Last pair of underwear worn.
  • 4. Ever worn someone else's underwear?
  • 5. Last time you vomited.
  • 6. Worst non-life threatening injury you've ever had.
  • 7. Would you prefer to have been born as the opposite sex?
  • 8. Thoughts on male nipples.
  • 9. Mushrooms or cacti?
  • 10. Do you enjoy foreplay or time relaxing/cuddling after sex more?
  • 11. Would your anaconda still want some if the hun did not have buns?
  • 12. If your feet had to be replaced by hooves or talons, which would you pick?
  • 13. Be able to hold your breath indefinitely and withstand any amount of pressure or be able to fly?
  • 14. Favorite salad topping.
  • 15. Something you're superstitious about and realize you're crazy for it.
  • 16. Preferred method of being executed.
  • 17. The power to change your own appearance any way you want or the power to change anyone else's appearance however you want?
  • 18. Favorite type of cake.
  • 19. Bald for life or never be able to cut your hair?
  • 20. Dream job that you know you have no way of doing.
  • 21. Would you become a nudist if you could?
  • 22. If you had to tell a bedtime story would you prefer to make your own or read one from a book?
  • 23. Soft or firm mattress?
  • 24. Lamest superpower you would still want.
  • 25. Longest physical fight you've ever been in.
  • 26. Carpet, tiles, or hardwood?
  • 27. Sexiest thing you could ever think of happening to you.
  • 28. If you could transform into an inanimate object, what would you want to transform into?
  • 29. Is there such a thing as too much food?